Monday, June 28, 2010

Marshmallow Dip Chokolade

Here's how to make an incredible Psychic Marshmallow Delite:

1. Obtain 1 large bag marshmallows of any kind. There are in fact handmade marshmallows that are entirely organic and made in the gourmet style, for about $1 to $5 per marshmallow. You can get them online from a number of independent organic gourmet marshmallow makers. This type of marshmallow must be devoured within 3 days of manufacture, and must be shipped overnight express in a thermal container along with 2 or 4 restorable ice packs.

2. Now you are ready for the chocolate dip. There are many excellent recipes for chocolate dips -- I am a gourmet chocolate chef and offer a variety of different types and origins of chocolate in my online shop, but you don't want to be spending as much time and money as I spend on making "the perfect chocolate", so here's a quickie plan:

3. Take a half dozen chocolate bars of your choice and on the top of a double-boiler, slowly bring their temperature up to about 99 degrees, stirring constantly, never allowing any of the chocolate to stick to the pan or to scorch even slightly. Want an easier method? Stick the chocolate in a microwave oven for about 15 seconds at medium heat. Not quite melted? Stir and stick it in there for another 10 seconds. Still not enough? Okay, stir and give it another 10 seconds, then stir again until the entire bowlful is melted -- but NOT hot to the touch.

4. Using any type of gripper such as the Gastromax Food Tongs, Weber Style 6441 Professional-Grade Chef's Tongs, Progressive International Stainless Steel Appetizer Tongs or a Rada Triple-Tine Cutlery Granny Fork, dip each marshmallow separately in the chocolate, then drip the excess away and place on a sheet of waxed paper. Do not attempt to use something other than waxed paper for this job. Calfalon or other types of non-stick don't work with this.

5. You can also dip other things in your melted chocolate, but keep in mind that this is merely melted chocolate, not tempered chocolate. To make real tempered chocolate takes skill and a few special pro kitchen tools. I produce a gourmet chocolate marshmallow treat with 89% single-source fair-traded organic chocolate and special gourmet marshmallows, but boy, is it costly! Try the campfire style first just to see if you like it.

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